Now is the time to buy a Santa Barbara home.Anyone seeking a Santa Barbara home is not alone, as the California real estate market is a very active one. When tracking number of views, California areas account for 11 of the 20 most viewed cities for August 2015 according to That is taking into account views for properties across the entire country. Experts believe that the market is shifting from a sellers’ market to a buyer’s market due to several factors including the time of year and an unstable stock market.

Recent dips in the stock market may be putting some potential buyers on the sidelines for a little bit. This can give those who did not have good luck acquiring a Santa Barbara home in the spring or summer a better chance this fall. This stock market activity is also likely to keep interest rates low a little longer for potential buyers. Overall, the market is becoming more balanced. Median list prices are up over last year and days spent on the market is down over last year. Spring and summer are often the booming seasons with many people out and about looking for homes. Fall is likely to bring fewer buyers and looks to be a great time to get a foot into the Santa Barbara real estate market and find the next place to call home.