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Search Montecito real estate and find a Montecito home.Montecito real estate is surrounded by gorgeous views and some of the most stunning stretches of coastline in the area. Ocean breezes significantly balance the temperatures along the California coast, so winters are warmer and summers are cooler in Montecito compared to other areas further inland. Between the desirable climate, and the various hot springs nearby, the community offers a comfortable, healthy lifestyle to residents.

The area has a rich history with the first Italian settlers arriving in the late 1860s where they built farms and gardens similar to what they had left behind in Italy. Then it drew wealthy vacationing visitors from the 1880s onward, and many loved the area so much they decided to make Montecito home. Now, Forbes has consistently rated the community as one of the wealthiest in the nation. With its proximity to Santa Barbara, the bustle of city life is in easy reach while the area itself has retained its secluded, serene feeling.

It hosts two lovely and intimate commercial hubs — Upper Village and Lower Village; each one offering discriminating shops and restaurants. The two public and five private schools, as well as private Westmont College, are ranked among the finest learning institutions in California. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Montecito offers two public parks, three private golf courses and a private tennis club.

More than just a beautiful place to live, Montecito and its residents are very protective of the community’s esthetic beauty and community feel. Long considered to be one of the most powerful citizen bodies in the United States, the Montecito Association is truly passionate about protecting the natural beauty, architecture, history, its residents and their environment. If you are considering Montecito, then consider Maureen McDermut and experience the difference as you embark on a lifestyle afforded to only a select few. Maureen’s unparalleled knowledge of the Montecito market is marked by her exceptional service and proven success.

Two of the nation’s best public schools serve every Montecito home, along with several private schools. Westmont College, a small liberal arts college is a great choice in town for those who want to stay close to home and enjoy the unique advantages of a small college experience. With so many things to offer, Montecito is truly a paradise on the California coast. Whether you are looking for beautiful ocean panoramas, or the magnificence of mountain views, Montecito is the destination for year round recreation and a comfortable family lifestyle.

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