Get to Know Santa Barbara with Maureen McDermut

SUMMERLAND - With its unique history and beautiful location next door to Montecito, Summerland real estate is surrounded by beautiful views and enjoys a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. 

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SANTA BARBARA - Santa Barbara is one of a kind, wonderful city waiting to be discovered. Nestled between the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains, Santa Barbara homes are a dream referred to as the “American Riveria” and Central California’s “South Coast.” 

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THE RIVIERA - Named the Riviera because of its geographical resemblance to the Mediterranean coastal towns of France, upscale Riviera homes are surrounded by winding streets perfect for scenic Sunday drives.

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MONTECITO - Montecito real estate is surrounded by gorgeous views and some of the most stunning stretches of coastline in the area. Ocean breezes significantly balance the temperatures along the California coast, so winters are warmer and summers are cooler in Montecito compared to other areas further inland. 

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MESA - Choosing a Mesa home means being a part of one of the most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods in all of Santa Barbara. Just as the name suggests, this neighborhood sits on flat elevated land on the southwest border of Santa Barbara.  

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HOPE RANCH - Those seeking a large, beautiful residence in an elite part of Santa Barbara should look no farther than Hope Ranch real estate.

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